For business. For society. For environment.

As Europe's first non-profit IT company, AfB is specialized in data erasure and remarketing of decommissioned IT hardware from european corporations, insurances, banks and public institutions.

AfB retrieves the devices with trained personnel, transports these to the nearest AfB location. There the devices are checked, all data is removed in a certified manner and required repairs are undertaken. Throughout 18 locations and online the IT-devices are remarketed with up to three years warranty. Old or defective devices are disassembled and recycled under highest ecological and ethical standards, resulting in the production of new resources in Europe.

The original owner of the devices receives all relevant reports including data destruction certificates for delivered hardware. All work steps are designed barrier-free and employees with and without disabilities work together side by side.

AfB is part of an environmental community enterprise.

Hand in hand with our sister companies Mobiles Lernen gemeinnützige GmbH and Social Lease GmbH, these three organizations form the stable pillars of Initiative 500, a not-for-profit public limited company. This company has undertaken the task of creating 500 jobs for disabled men and women over the coming years.

The idea

Socially responsible companies donate IT hardware which they no longer require to AfB gemeinnützige GmbH. The goods are collected, inventorized, and all data is certifiably erased. They are then tested, cleaned and finally marketed again with a warranty of at least 12 months.

The concept

Setting up a not-for-profit company in the IT sector has never been done before. AfB was founded in 2004 by personally committed private individuals with a social focus. This social enterprise now employs a total workforce of over 320 in more than 18 locations in Europe. Half of those employed have a disability, and have been enabled to gain quality employment through the scheme. 

The vision

Our vision is to be the world's leading non-profit IT-company. Our long-term goal: creating 500 jobs for people with disabilities and promoting the cause of digitalization.

The AfB model is seen as a prime example...


... of successful social entrepreneurship, as it cpmbines professional IT services with social added value, and is the proud recipient of the 2012 Vision award. 

Becoming Partner

As a partner of AfB you participate in our success story. We offer your company high-quality IT services, create jobs for people with disabilities in the process and protect the environment. We, of course, will certify your commitment. The more partners, the greater the impact!